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I'm really baffled. The characters crave hot dogs. Pyle is gripping a hot dog. Yet, the characters ARE hot dogs, right? Or do they just have really high blood pressure?

Was the Jaclyn Smith hot dog wearing a low cut bikini bottom, and was that what got you aroused? Or was it the prim pantsuit Kate Jackson hot dog that did the trick?


By far, without question or hesitation, INXS is the better band. In fact INXS is probably the best band in the universe.

I hope this helps -- A fellow Pittsburgher.


1. INXS. Without a doubt.
2. Counting Crows is by leaps and bounds the better band, but "All Star" is the better song, both for opening film credits and in general.

Having been exposed to anthropomorphic hot dogs for too many of my developing years, I fail to see what is so unusual about the cups. What's so odd about hot dogs in bikinis? Great, now I'll be craving the Hot Dog Shoppe for the rest of the week.


I should've noted -- the Subdivided family member who preferred The Fixx also preferred Counting Crows. The other member preferred INXS and Smashmouth.


INXS and Counting Crows, all the way.


I see that INXS has pulled ahead in the voting, not one vote for The Fixx. Not surprising. Don't be a sore loser. If you admit you were wrong, I'll spare you the agony of defeat. Hugs and Kisses.


hey now you're an all-star
get you're game on go

I'm sorry, where am I?? I seem to be hooked up to all these tubes, and hospital cable is featuring 'the evolution of indoor plumbing in western civilization' for about an hour, or as long as it takes to rack up a two thousand dollar bill.

smashmouth. duh.


I want to purchase the gome cups (2) how much?

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